Long Term Corporate Lease

A Fully maintained operating lease is similar to a long-term rental. It is a very cost effective, risk free and convenient way of operating vehicles in a company.

The key benefits include: -

The opportunity to consider outsourcing provides real opportunities to save costs in the operation of a fleet of vehicle(s).

The following provide a summary of areas where potential savings can be made.



This is one of the areas in which you can benefit significantly from a lease arrangement.

The major risks of vehicle operation are: -

Many issues impact on determining vehicle policy. A Hawk Fleet Lease offers experience and impartiality in helping decide what will best suit your requirements.

Factors we can assist with under a lease or fleet management include:

Think of the number of processes and people involved in the running of your fleet of vehicles:

If your systems are manual or automated – it still requires substantial investment in time and funds to ensure you can get the best out of your fleet and that management can receive meaningful exception reports. Hawk Fleet lease does this on your behalf – you simply contract us to do so under your lease or fleet management arrangements.

Vehicles are our business – we invest in the best systems and people to manage this cost effectively for our clients.

By utilizing a fuel card (s) you can retain total flexibility and benefit from incorporating the fuel data and invoicing into your monthly reports

Having total snap-shot of all your vehicles related expenses as managed by Hawk Fleet lease is a significant time saver and a great management tool.

Achieving pricing benefits is not too difficult – it is the activity levels, consistency and the ability to measure the effects that are the real challenges.

Unless you are constantly in the market as an impartial ‘buyer’ this is almost impossible to achieve. There are also future influences that need to be acted upon from time to time (i.e. imports, tariffs, exchange rates, taxes etc).

The ability to monitor, record and compare a wide range of costs is critical in achieving true savings. Hawk Fleet lease has the volume, systems and resources needed to do this successfully.

A summary of the main differences between lease and ownership:


Hawk Fleet lease can purchase qualifying vehicles and mobile assets currently owned by you and lease these back under our operating lease arrangement. Even with a few vehicles you may be able to raise a significant amount of cash and reduce your costs. (Purchase subject to vehicle age)

You benefit from an immediate cash inflow from on sale of your current fleet of company vehicles.

Hawk will provide all Hirer’s round the clock emergency assist in all the major city in Peninsular Malaysia.

We look forward to meet and discuss any further details or requirements with you.